Maria 01

Maria 01 test site is open for KEKO members

KEKO dedicated pilot areas at Maria 01 are now open for testing and experimenting with KEKO platform and APIs. Maria 01 is a multi-office environment located in Helsinki, making it a great site for office-related service development.

KEKO members have the opportunity to develop new value-adding office solutions there, which can create sustainable business potential and empower property owners, tenants, or end-users, using the wide range of sensors and tools built in.

C02 sensors

CO2 sensors are located in meeting rooms.


Floorplans and BIM models of the site are provided.

Presence sensors

Presence sensors detecting what phone booths are in use.

Mesh network

All sensors are connected to the mesh network.

Decibel sensors

Decibel sensors are detecting the noise levels.

Maria 01 System Status

KEKO system



Mesh network

All sensors offline

Noise sensors

All sensors offline

Occupancy sensors

All sensors offline

CO2 sensors

All sensors offline

About Maria 01

Maria 01 is a campus combining future-oriented startups, investors, and corporates around one campus area. With over 170 startups, the campus furthers innovation culture and communal spirit. Maria 01 is located in the center of Helsinki, in an old hospital area. Read more at

Do you want to develop
KEKO services in Maria 01?

KEKO is looking for members who want to combine different data sources and experiment with new solutions around the office environment and multi-tenant buildings.

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