Nokia DAC + HAIP


Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless networking, and edge computing platform. It lets you combine plug-and-play 4G and 5G connectivity with on-premise data management and processing to support real-time applications.

At Maria 01 campus test site, a Private wireless solution with the edge cloud is deployed to Kirahub/KEKO demo lab in building 3. In addition, the area has High Accuracy Indoor Positioning (HAIP) edge application. Location data from the HAIP can be shared locally through API.

During the KEKO project aim is to experiment with the private wireless and edge applications in the smart building environment. Example use cases are e.g. reliable positioning supporting safer and faster AMRs, indoor navigation, and asset tracking.

The private wireless network can connect anything that has a 4G-enabled device and since it is private in nature, the coverage and throughput can be designed as needed, depending on the use case requirements. It can also serve as a backbone for other wireless technologies, e.g. for wireless Wirepas mesh network or create Wi-Fi hotspots for local use.

The solution includes an edge server that routes the traffic as defined by the network owner and can also host applications to achieve local edge computing for secure and low latency applications. Applications should be Kubernetes native applications that have Kubernetes operator controller to handle the lifecycle-specific operations. It is suggested to use the operator-sdk or kubebuilder to create the application operator.

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