KEKO platform


KEKO platform is currently in the experimentation phase: i.e. we host “KEPPI” aka KEKO experimentation platform. Through the experimentation platform, we engage with different stakeholders and developers to research and innovate to create value from data to end-users, whether they are tenants, building owners, facility managers, construction workers or other user groups. The KEKO platform is a virtual test environment which also enables data to be simulated in a building context. KEPPI can be used in software and API development and it’s one of the key resources in KEKO API development.

KEPPI features

KEPPI enables three key use cases for developers:

  1. Rapid data integration for bringing data from building systems and other sources
  2. Compute algorithm development and serverless hosting to process and refine the existing data
  3. APIs integration to create new applications and services using the platform
Screenshot of KEPPI platform.

Supported languages

For data integration and management, KEPPI supports SQL and Python languages. For compute algorithm development KEPPI supports virtually any language as the algorithms can be deployed within their own containers in the system.

Gain access to the KEKO platform

We offer access to the KEPPI platform for our development partners to develop new solutions on top of the smart-building data. Read how to get access to KEKO platform.

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