Connect with the KEKO community


Developers make KEKO real and for that reason, we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions related to the developer experience. Here you can find relevant channels for the KEKO. You can also contact us by using this form.

KEKO Slack channels

General KEKO Slack channel

KEKO Slack channel is an open communication channel targeted for interested startups and developers. Channel can be used to request access to developer tools, ask questions, give feedback, and just to say hello!

KEKO Industryhack and Combient Foundry Slack channels

We have opened private Slack channels for KEKO Industryhack and Combient Foundry events to keep the conversation going. The channels can be used for any questions, thoughts, ideas or concerns related to KEKO. Invitations will be sent to Industryhack and Combient Foundry participants.