Build new APIs by utilizing KEKO data


KEKO is looking for solutions that can enrich collected smart-building data with algorithms and AI in order to create new value on top of our existing (raw) data and to utilise smart-building data in a better way.

How to create a new API with KEKO platform?

KEKO platform offers a serverless compute environment, allowing developers to access existing data from the given building, and create new compute algorithms – AI, ML, analytics, control etc. – and expose them via additional APIs in the KEKO platform. The compute algorithms can be implemented virtually with any language and can run as Docker containers.

The KEKO APIs can be used to work with streaming (continuously updating) data, with single or batch data. The APIs can be inbound APIs, that enable new data sources to be integrated, or outbound APIs which enable data to be read from KEKO system.

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Use existing APIs to get started with the development

Bring your own data sources to KEKO platform